Gliding_Central's - Radar Training Has Officially Begun! [[Closed at EGCC]]

Hello, everyone, I am back again with another ATC tracking feed once again! I hope you have enjoyed most of my service on the Expert server so far and I have decided to take my IFATC ability to another level.

So what’s the main things that I want you to know:

  • So Please give me your feedback and follow all of the instructions give to you, otherwise that defeats the point of training.

  • I will announce a session every so often with the current information such as ‘EGCC’ and the other important information such as what runways are in usage for the session.

  • And most importantly enjoy flying the pattern!

Hope you enjoy the service!


[[Closed]] - [[EGCC]]- Runways 23R and 23L for all departures and for arrivals Expect R23R.

Tower and ground are also currently open at this time by @Johan_Burghaus

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