Gliding_Central ATC Tracking Thread | am CLOSED @KSAN

Please don’t close now

Ok! I will stay for a few more minutes.

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Thank you for the service.
Here’s my feedback:

  • Ground was perfect

  • Takeoff clearance was correct

  • As I was remaining in the pattern, you should have told me to enter left downwind

  • You could have told me to turn left base

  • You cleared me to land way to early

All in all it was a good session. Nice job!

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@Captain_Pablo I told you to make left traffic runway 09, which means you only give a left downed command if there is someone else in the pattern. =D And you are supposed to clear early as well if there is no one else inbound! Thanks for your feedback!

Usually clearance is given quite early for pattern work. I’ve been given it the second I takeoff sometimes on Expert.

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I am back open everyone! Let’s make KSAN the busiest airport! Please come down if you are available!

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