Gliding_Central ATC Tracking Thread | am CLOSED @KSAN

Hello, fellow community members, I would like to announce that I am currently operating at KSAN Tower for a couple of hours to practice for becoming an IFATC controller! It would be great to have your feedback as it would help me massively to be able to provide great ATC services to the community!

(If you haven’t guessed it is on the training server! =D)

(PLEASE FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTION’S) I hope I can provide you the best possible service possible!

Remember to PM me if I did something horribly wrong during service. Happy flying.

Thanks for being a great community,


I am also using this useful tracking feed here to :General ATC Tracking Thread (Please Close Thread)


Hi @Gliding_Central,

I noticed you’ve posted numerous posts announcing that you are open on a certain frequency. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this at all, but I just come to advise you about how you can centralise your ATC Operations - an ATC Tracking Thread. There are multiple Tracking threads to use as examples and it helps de-clog the ATC section.


Sorry btw, however, I get noticed more this way! =D


Adding onto @Luke here is a great example of an ATC Tracking Thread by one of our community members ;)

Feel free to check out other tracking threads as well in the #live:atc category if you would like further inspiration or examples, Thank you!

Warm Regards,


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December 5


Adding onto @Luke here is a great
example of an ATC Tracking Thread by one of our community members ;)

CannedAviation ATC Tracking Thread | (Closed)

Hello fellow community members. As far as we know, the community has this
trend going on and obviously it’s the ATC Tracking Thread. Some of our
community members are working their way to be part of IFATC. In order to do
that, some opened up their very own ATC tracking threads in order to allow
members to join a controller’s ATC session. Once a controller finishes
their session in the Training Server (IFATC members don’t need tracking
threads), they are awarded with some feedbacks from the Com…

Feel free to check out other tracking threads as well in the #live:atc category if you
would like further inspiration or examples, Thank you!

Warm Regards,
I will do this when I am next active! 😀 I have done this in the oas past
and no one turned up! 😀

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I Your title reads [open]
On my way as PH-ADZ

You closed quite quickly, so very little feedback from me.

I came from the North. Pattern entry (right downwind) was good, but was ‘enter right base’ not better? It does take a bit of time to move to the downwind leg first, when approaching the airport from the side.
You immediately followed your pattern entry with a ‘cleared for the option’; but I was still a long way out. Now it was quiet, so in this case early clearance can work fine, but in busy situations where traffic flow is more unpredictable, I would delay my landing clearance for later - when the aircraft is closer to final.

Nice pattern entry for Fraction, when he requested a change to 23L: and good sequencing: number 3, traffic to follow is on right base.
I asked for a runway change while I already had moved to the right downwind leg. So yes: enter right downwind 23L. But… risk here is that I would cross the 23R inbound path with an aircraft already on final. So in this case (with the aircraft on final) an ‘I’ll call your base’ would have been good to avoid me crossing the flight path.

And again: don’t clear too early. The timing for this, is a matter of experience.

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Ok, I will se you there> 😀

Landing in Atlanta. be the in 20 or so patrren work alowed?

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It was at the time I was open however I had to leave because of my mum! 😀

Why? Is your mum such a bad pilot? 😉
Are we helping you with things your parents told you not to do… 🤔

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Thankful for your feedback I really appreciate it! 😀 Also if you notice an aircraft going around to a stupid pilot that enterd the runway without permission! 😀 I hate when some pilot just don’t listen. However I guess it’s because we are on TS1!

Edit to your first question: my mum hates flying! 😨
Edit to your second question: yes you have!

I am now open if you are available to join! =D I would love to be your IFATC in the future so It would be a pleasure to get your feedback!

Excellent service. The only thing I saw was you addressing my007’s multiple requests for a frequency change. I’d personally let it go on the training server, and only because I’d hate to see you open up a can of spam. Also a landing clearance for my declaration of intentions to land would be the other missing component. It seems you’re ready. Nice job.

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Thank-you very much for your response. It’s just passing the theory test that always get’s me! =D

Happy flying!

Best of luck friend.

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Thanks! I hope I get there soon.

I hope you like to fly to KSAN! I love it, and I hope to see you there for some pattern work! =D

Can I put you on the general atc tracking thread

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Yes, please! It would be very kind of you to do that! =D

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I an now open once again! Please make sure to give me a challenge, but by all means, pleas follow the instructions give. Thank-you.

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