Glideslope Lights hard to see

Ive been flying at KSEA lately in the Seattle region and I like having the glideslope lights, but they are kind of hard to see until you’re right on top of them. Maybe in the future y’all could make them easier to see? Definitely a nice feature tho.

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you mean PAPI?


That’s one of the reasons why I always fly approach in cockpit, the ability to zoom in :)

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Yes thats what i mean.

@Joshua_Hardee is this what you were referring to? One pic is 2 miles out, one is .5 miles out. The two lights to the left of the runway?

For reference:

I agree they could be brighter, or I am not at the right angle for it.

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Good point. I stand corrected.

Needs an update. They are very dull and hard to see, but useful when you can actually see them!