Glideslope descend rate for the a380

My first time using the a380, i am still flying rn, but when i enter the glideslope, what should my height and vs be?

I am asking IF community becuz u guys know the most :)

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That depends on the airport altitude

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Question can’t be addressed (if you want an exact answer) if we don’t know the airport altitude/specifications :)

So to actually answer the question… as a general statement, you should intercept at a 30* angle to the ILS at around 3,000-3,500 ft AGL. Once you have aligned on the glidescope, descend ~-1000VS

See this old video from Mark to explain it further:

^ Although it’s old… It certainly should explain it well. Tyler should be releasing an updated tutorial on this in the future

3 Nm / 1000 ft above airport.
You HAVE TO BE flaps 2 before the glide slope.

For any commercial plane:
The glide slope descent rate should be just over half your ground speed (times 10) for a standard 3 degree glide slope. Also charts will show this, which is useful for steeper glideslopes like LCY.

Usually ILS intercept is between 2000-4000 above airport level, although you can intercept much further for straight-in’s. However, IRL not stabilized on the ILS at 1000ft or 500ft (depending on weather) would be a go-around, so don’t intercept too low.

For the most realism, search up charts online. For US airports, you can use Enter the airport as departure or arrival airport, then hover over the name, and you can find the charts. For other airports, goto and change XXXX to airport ICAO code.

BTW, a note that the altitude entered for approaches in the app sometimes show the glideslope altitude, not the recommended intercept altitude.

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