Glideslope at EGLC changed after last update

After the last update (A318/319) the glideslope has changed at EGLC and no longer corresponds to the approach charts (this wasn’t the case in previous versions). The altitudes at respective DMEs should be as follows (approximately): 2000ft-3.6nm, 1200ft-2nm and 640ft-1nm. In the latest update the glideslope is too shallow; 1500ft at about 4nm inbound. Was the gradient of 5.5 degrees changed for a reason? Just wondering…

Thanks for any feedback.


The ILS was changed by accident and will be (literally) up again with the next update :D


Really hope for this :)

I was wondering…

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Hi again, the latest update (A321) has been released but sadly the glideslope issue at EGLC still hasn’t been fixed.

Is it still at a 3 degree glidescope? :(
I haven’t checked yet

Yes, still a 3 deg glideslope.

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Is it runway ILS runway 27 the current version has it really steep…:)

Yep, it was fixed.
Should this be closed?