Glidescope EGLC not working in E190

I face it always on E190 that the glidescope indicator remains high and flashing, so that I eventually decide to go down myself and land on visual

It would be hard to impossible to land in case of low hanging clouds, something not uncommon in London in fall…

Attached a picture. Is this a bug?


EGLC has a steeper approach IRL, 5 degrees instead of 3.3 at a regular airport, this is why only a few aircraft can land there, and it is a very hard approach, is this what you are talking about?

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That’s because the glidescope is actually a steep glidescope in real life.

It’s not the typical 3 degrees


Will next time wait longer and see if it catches the glidescope then. If not I will reply again. To me it looks that the indicator does not pick it up at all in E190 , but maybe I’m wrong.

Will test it

It has nothing to do with the model.

It’s a 5.5° slope. The math is just fine in the sim.


If you look at the chart, the GS is 1220 at 2.0 DME, you’re at 650ish at 2.4 DME. You should be twice as high.

It would be odd if it wasn’t flashing high.

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Yep, I just hopped in, all good. High, but normal for that airport…


Yeah, let’s close the topic
I hopped back in the cockpit to fly a pattern
And it works all fine

It makes the approach also more fun
Thank you all