Glidescope bug at EGLC on Solo mode landing

When you select EGLC (London City) on solo mode and you select landing you actually spawn at the normal 3 degree Glidescope position, but this is well below the 5.5 degree Glidescope of London City, meaning you are too low. The spawn point hasn’t been adjusted for steep approach.

This image shows the spawn point, well below the Glidescope.

How to reproduce

  1. Select Solo mode on Infinite Flight
  2. Select London > EGLC and tick ‘Landing’
  3. Press ‘Fly’

Other Information
Infinite Flight Version 16.02.0
Apple iPhone 6
iOS 9.2.1

Not exactly a bug because it’s supposed to spawn you there. There is nothing wrong with the code.

Instead, make a feature request requesting that the spawn point should be higher.

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Oh I though that it was meant to set you on the Glidescope for a good landing, so surely you being lower than the Glidescope is a problem because in theory you should make a go-around? Sorry I presumed it was a bug

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