Gliders after global!

How awesome would it be to have gliders /sailplanes in IF after global is released?

Just imagine how awesome it would be to soar peacefully wherever you please in the world while hunting for thermals or doing aerobatics. No engines or stress of complex flying procedures, just the sound of air rushing past your canopy as you take in the awesome scenery that global will offer us in IF. This would be a great way to relax, offer diversity to IF and practice pure flying skills.

Sound cool? Feel free to comment, thanks.

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Anyway, Lovely request! I would love to see this ❤❤.


Thanks everyone for the response. We could have a tow plane and/or winch launch from the ground.

Personally, a tow plane would be a lot more fun. I’ve had a chance to soar a few times irl and tow plane is a challenging yet fun way to get up to altitude. Have never experienced a winch launch except for RC soaring: I’ve heard they’re effective as well.

If FDS considered adding gliders I’d be happy with either a tow plane or winch. Would be awesome just to have gliders and I think gliders would really revolutionize IF!

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That would probably be true! :)

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Thanks a lot. Cool thing is temperature and it’s effects on flight are already modeled. I’m confident FDS could get some thermals added!


That’s a really great idea!

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On the topic of gliders, this is a Wild thought but what if FDS added a U2 dragon lady in the future?

There would be a camera view for the onboard camera and an action command to snap pictures. An awesome way to take pictures of flying events in Live and the awesome scenery in Global while flying at the edge of space!

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No clue. I got a PM saying that an automated system flagged it and that a staff member needs to review the post.

Nothing was wrong with it…

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Exactly. I’m at a loss, guess the FDS server didn’t like my post lol

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