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Hey guys! How is everyone? I just wanted to share what it is like flying gliders! A glider is a soar plane with no engine. I fly gliders on the weekend to build time so I can solo on my 14th birthday! I fly with Tampa Bay Soaring Society out of KZPH and they have a plethora of gliders to fly. I fly the L-23.image

There are 5 instructors I believe and all of them are proficient with flying the aircraft. My instructor (Randy) has gotten me to landing the aircraft after 3 tows. I’m at about 10 tows right now and it’s just an experience y’all need to check out. Tampa Bay Soaring Society(TBSS) has a Pawnee for a tow aircraft and does aerial tow. If you guys are ever visiting near Tampa or Clearwater area please visit TBSS in Zephyrhills for an amazing experience.

If you do an introductory flight ask for Randy👍 Thanks guys!

If you guys have any questions just dm me or post them in the comments


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Yea I’m trying to get there😂


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Oh wow, that’s amazing Steven! I love the pictures and the story. I envy you, it’s something I’d love to do as well. And you’re „only“ 14 years old, so great that you already have an opportunity like that!

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Enjoy flying, and all the best on your journey!

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Thanks! My 14th birthday in in January!


This is a very cool! I have always wanted to do this!

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Thanks guys!

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If I were to move to Europe, that would be where I would move. Or I would live in the land of Chocolate, Swiss baby!

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Hello Steven! I got to go up with cadets. I still remember the tremendous pressure on my chest, and how excited I was. The entire flight was such an amazing experience. To anybody skeptical about doing it, you should! It’s amazing.

I hope you had a lot of fun!

@tomthetank Check this out 😉


I wish I could do this. I’ll be 15 on wendsday, so I really want to do flight lessons, but this is great. Can’t wait to see you in the sky’s someday.

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