Glide slope Interception

I’m new to the game and just starting to use autoland. I have done this successfully on the 737 and A321, but I’m struggling to intercept the glide slope on the A380 and 747. Can someone give me some tips?

Try and be facing the runway as those take a while to turn. Other than that, activate your VS AP at a rate where you would hit the runway so it doesn’t have to adjust much.

It is good to descend to 3,000 feet AGL for any aircraft and turn on APPR right before you intercept the localizer.

This video should help out.


Speed can also have an effect on intercepting the localizer & G/S. Reasonable speeds on base can help.

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Yes, usually from 180 kts to 220 kts.

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The slower the better, just don’t go too slow…

When it’s ATC controlled airspace, intercept the localizer at 180 or less. Anything over 200 messes up spacing and separation and can result in loss of required separation, which forces go-arounds.

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Also don’t forget that the A380 doesn’t have APPR, so it won’t be able to catch the glide slope and land itself, you have to do it by hand or control the VS in autopilot to descend!

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