Glide slope indicator was faulty

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Quality 711

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Version Information

20.2 (465)

Device Information

One plus 6t
_Android 10


While i was landing. . My glide slope indicator which was set for runaway 27L for egll in nav 1… Kept showing me i was to high which eventually led me to a crash

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Set a ils approach
  • Set nav 1 to a runaway

Expected results

It keeps showing you … You are low

Actual results

Describe the actual result

More Information

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Could be an ILS issue, I’ll take a look tomorrow morning for you,

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Just flown some pattern on the ILS 27L of EGLL .
The Glidepath is perfectly pointing to the touchdown point.
There is nothing wrong with the ILS in the Nav database or IF itself.

Please give additional information to find the root cause of your crash.
Aircrafts flown, weight setting, fuel on approach, KIAS and distance when flaps are set or gear lowered, AP? APPR?

Could you reproduce the issue?
With a different aircraft?

I couldn’t reproduce, there is nothing wrong with the ILS at 27L at EGLL

I will give a shot with a different aircraft…also if iam wrong iam extremely sorry cause i faced this issue twice hence i reported

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