Glide slope help

What altitude should I be at when capturing the Glide slope. I can never find the altitude that gives me a smooth descent. Usually, the plane will climb 200 - 500 feet then dip -1000 fpm. It clunky and not smooth…

Typically, you should be slightly beneath the G/S. This is indicated when you set NAV1, you’re aligned with the correct runway and the G/S indicator (diamond) is above the needle.

To get the correct G/S intercept distance you can head to:
Pick the aiport of your choice and hit the glideslope button. Hope this helped.

If the plane is still jumping, you might be too fast or too slow. If you’re doing right, the plane will catch the G/S smoothly…


This is something that is yet to be fixed by developers. It’s part of the aircraft’s autopilot which will sort of over-correct your glideslope capture.

In addition, (using a photo I found from the web) the diamond on the right side should be above the center of the line to be below the glideslope. Usually 3000ft AGL at the end of the ILS cone (10nm final) is a good glideslope intercept but sometimes it depends on the airport’s procedures.


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3,000ft above aerodrome level at the end of the cone is usually good. Also, try activate APP only when within 1 dot of the G/S.

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