Glide slope difficult to read


I’m posting this here because I’m not yet sure if this is a real issue or a misunderstanding on my side.
I’ve big difficulties in reading the new glide slope indicator on 19.4? In previous version the “arrow” clearly indicated a line and you had to keep the arrow on that line in order to properly descend. Now that line is not easy to see on 19.4 version (especially in daylight weather setting).
Does anyone has the same issue (or you’re all too busy flying the A350 to notice this?!).

Thanks a lot.


I’ve been testing out all the new features and I can see it fine. Can you provide a screenshot to confirm what you are talking about because the line is pretty clear to me.

Here for instance. The line is really pale.

So before the update, i think almost every if not every single runway at any airport had ILS and it would automatically tune to the closest runway without any tuning necessary, popping up on the HUD or PFD automatically. BUT, now its more realistic and not every airport has ILS. It requires you to manually tune the ILS by pulling up your map, clicking the airport and selecting “runways” the list of all the runways will pop up. The ones with an ILS will say so next to it. Click that runway and select “tune to nav-1” and when youre flying using the gps, when you are on final, switch from gps to Nav 1. The localizer and glide slop will pop up just like it did before. It will look the same as before.


He knows all that, what he is trying to say is that the centre glide scope indicator is hard to see (In between the circles)

That’s right

The black «arrow» and the green dot should help you to stay on glideslope:



Thanks, but do you agree it’s a bit less clear than before?

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