Glide Slope Contrast

One question I have is why can’t I post in Features? Do I need some standing to do so? The information pinned at the top does not mention any minimum requirements.

I need a bit of help with the visibility of the glide slope in the HUD. I can see the rest of the HUD fine, but the glide slope just does not contrast well with the blue sky for me. Is there some way you could make this bolder, or a darker background or something?

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You need to be TL2, member, to post in features

Good suggestion. Maybe a way to adjust the contrast would be good.


Another way to gauge one’s seriousness would be if they have purchased a Live subscription…

That’s a completely different discussion, try to stay on topic. If you would like to suggest something having to do with the forum please do so in meta:)

I have real problems seeing the tilt-o-meter (tilt indicator) at the top when visibility is bad.

Ok, I looked a bit closer at this with different settings in solo mode. The opacity of the GS does increase (get darker) at sunrise, sunset, and if I lower the visibility of the weather settings. My issue is really only with it going transparent at noon on a clear day.