Glide slope and line with runway marker gone

Not played in a while, come back to latest update.

I have no ils approach. No guide to land. Glide slope etc.

What are the new settings? Gps or nav1 nav2? If i switch to nav1, it just banks to the right. How to I link with ils and land. Please help

Hi there!

The 19.4 update in December 2019 changed a lot, especially with ILS approaches. I’ve linked a source by Trio that should help you figure out how to use APPR post-19.4. I’ve also linked a video that covers the new NAV settings. More information can be found in #tutorials. Hope it helps, and feel free to ask more questions if needed!


Thanks for your previous reply

I don’t like to use appr, always like to land manually. Will this bring up the centre line and glide slope for me to follow manually?

Indeed it will! The localizer (centerline) will be displayed as a green line inside your compass. The glideslope will be shown as a green diamond in the altitude indicator. The image below provides a visual example (red is the localizer, purple is the glideslope indicator).


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