Glenorchy Air Service Cessna 208

With the new 3D airports and NZQN/Queenstown being one of them, I thought I would ask for the Glenorchy Air Service Cessna 208. Glenorchy Air also has Cessna 208’s without the cargo pods as well.

Glenorchy Airs Cessna 208’s fly scenic flights around Lake Wakatipu and to nearby Milford Sound.

They have a very striking paint job with a white bird on a red tail. (See picture below)

This would be an amazing livery to have in game!!

Hello! The link for the photo is not working :( could you try redo it, thanks ;)

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Try this one

If you click on the photo you get the whole image

Yeah i get how to enlarge it, i mean there no photo on the actual thing. It just shows this;

Looks like this is really too niche to attract any interest…

Maybe we’ll just have to expand the Sounds Air network to include Queenstown, Mt Cook and Stewart Island! I was surprised to see on their website that they do ChCh to Wanaka… Nowhere near any sounds 😊… Not much of a stretch on to Queenstown then…

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They do that in a PC-12

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Next feature request…? 😊

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