Glass cockpit VOR

Hi guys just a question regarding a glass cockpit VOR. Imagine you are east if a VOR with no wind, heading west(eg 90 radial, but at a heading of 270 going into it.) You select your course to 270 and follow the needles but other than the DME is there anyway of telling if you are to or from the vor like in steam gauges. (Please remember in example technically on 90deg radial but the course is set to 270)
Any help would be great thanks

Ive tried flying thru the vor tracking the same course and couldnt see anything switch to suddenly indicate “from.”

Hey! Never tried this in IF, but in a real glass cockpit, you’d have an arrow shape pointing towards (or away from) the VOR on the needle itself.
Look up “horizontal situation indicator” (HSI). That should give you a better understanding of the difference between a “steam” VOR tracking and a “glass” VOR tracking technique.

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When tuned into the VOR there should be a blue arrow pointing straight toward the VOR. This is the only way I have found close to a to/from indicator.

Thanks for that i appreciate it. Please correct me if im wrong or if you find it works differently for you but in if i think that arrow you mentioned always points in line with that bearing selector on the HSI, instead of accurately flipping when passing thru a VOR.

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