Glass cockpit install PA32RT-300T

3 weeks ago I started my first large Avionics project. I’ve done a few transponders, and some other pinning out/ correcting someone else’s job. This is the first project I’ve done alone though. The project is a triple Aspen Evolution upgrade a 500MFD, 1000PFD, and a 1000MFD. With an upgrade to the Garmin GNS 530, and 430 To a WAAS 530W, and 430W. With an upgrade for the GTX330 transponder to a GTX345 transponder. Then to top it all off a Flightstream 210.

The before pictures are on my work computer I’ll upload those tomorrow.

Here is the progress so far.

Removal of old components

All the old instruments have been gutted, and the panel drilled out.


Mocking up the new panel

Making the waiting haeness
This took around 50 hours between getting a print together and wiring it.

Mocking up the panel and configuring the instruments

New panel back from laser etching


Final assembly

I’m waiting on 1 switch to finish the final assembly. I’ll post completed picks as well as test flight pics when completed. At this point I have over 200 man hours invested into this.

Test flight sometime next week :)


Congrats on almost getting the job done! That is one nice and valuable cockpit the owner has there…


Even if I really wanted to, I wouldn’t do this, that’s how lazy I am, nice job though

Wow! That’s pretty amazing, and some lovely avionics ❤. That must have been tedious, but pretty rewarding.

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That’s awesome. Nice harnesses…surprised they didn’t go completely glass.

It’s pretty much there after the 60K I don’t think he wanted to add a standby generator to remove the AI.

How much would the generator weigh?

That Looks cool nice work :)

It’s a little more then the vacuum pump but not much. I’d prefer to have a vacuum secondary though just for redundancy beyond the electronics.

Heads Up Display install next. I wanna see it done! 😃

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Sorry the next one’s going to be a G1000 in a turbo commander.

That should be a fun one

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