Glasgow Intl Spotting meet up

Dear IFC,

I’m going to Glasgow Intl in Scotland on Monday 12th for a day of spotting as my my girlfriend and her family arrive back on theat day.

I was thinking why not get a few buddies to meet up if anyone is around.

I plan on being there all day and going to lots of different spots throughout the day.

If your interested I would love to see you post if you can or want to make it.


Scott in Scotland meetup! 😂

Sadly I’m stuck down here in Bristol so I can’t make it up to Glasgow.

Have a good time tho buddy, take loads of photos!

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I will be there from 8-9am Monday Morning till 2-3am Tuesday morning.

Ryan Todd from IFFG will be coming at around 12.

Glasgow’s a bit far for me now unfortunately because I’m staying with my Gran in Dumfries and Galloway.

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no problem David

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