Glasgow EGPF, Will the 9th busiest airport in the UK ever be added?

Would like to know where we are at with Glasgow Airport being added to IF, Every Thread I have read has dried up, and the last post regarding it was 2023, it confuses me that small UK airports that are rarely used are continually added, but EGPF coming to the game remains a constant mystery….

When an IFAET editor decides to do so.

I believe that if you want to post an addition to IF then do it in the features tab

Editors don’t take airport requests in general. The goal is for all airports to be 3D, so rest assured that EGPF will be 3D at some point in the future.


Incase you would like a update on the airport, 3d work was started but has been paused for a while:


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I mean, @Mort is not wrong. Since it’s seems EGPF 3D work is at a pause at the moment, another editor will probably have to take it over.


Yeah, I saw this but was posting so that hopefully someone can pick it up, and finish it once and for all!

Yes. That’s how IFAET works. When an editor decides to make a given airport 3D, that’s when it becomes 3D.


Yes, and as you may have read

It started a long time ago, and has stopped,

Yes, his reply does…

Editors decides what airport to do and because new editors cant start to edit a big airport… thats why the airports that are rarely used and are small gets 3D