Glasgow Airport Closed. (Reason: Ice + Aircraft hit tug on pushback) Now Re-opened


Glasgow Airport operations have been stopped for an unknown reason. Emergency services are currently there.
Glasgow Airport has said that, there are some delays as we de-ice stands and taxiways due to the freezing conditions.
A plane has also hit a tug during pushback probably due to ice.


(For now that’s the source)

All inbound aircraft are being diverted to prestwick, or are staying in a holding pattern.

22:20zulu Glasgow Airport is now open for operations again!


All the inbound aircraft are diverting to Prestwick.

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Pilot hit a tug on pushback, probably hurt someone.

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Yes. I have seen.

Just some more information a Captain has said, “his aircraft hit a tug on pushback (via ATC), possibly due to ice”

All aircraft have been stopped.

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Some more information just posted:

UPDATE We still don’t have a confirmed reason for the closure of the airport and the heavy presence of emergency services. Reports say bad weather (ice) caused an incident with a British Airways aircraft.

Looks like it’s this guy here


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Some of the media is saying that there are ,a couple incidents’ at Glasgow. Though, most are saying ice.

Planes holding and diverting to airports.

WOW! The media makes it sound so tragic! Glasgow Airport SHUT DOWN with emergency services scrambled to runway - Daily Star

The sky is alive with planes outside of my house just now as loads are just holding the pattern.

Glasgow is now ready again for operations!

Ahh the daily star, run off of lies


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