Glaciers of Patagonia Loop

Route: El Calafate, Argentina (SAWC) to El Calafate (SAWC)

SAWC MD07 5009S/7305W 4953S/7315W 4930S/7301W 4854S/7304W 4817S/7311W 4812S/7328W 4825S/7357W 4841S/7357W 4851S/7404W 4908S/7356W 4938S/7352W 5039S/7356W 5110S/7342W 5100S/7312W 5038S/7257W 5030S/7254W 5027S/7302W 5019S/7302W 5015S/7240W SAWC

Continuing my journey south along the mountain chains of the Americas I encountered the large ice fields on the border between Argentina and Chile. This loop around the Southern Ice Field begins in Argentina flies into Chile and then returns to Argentina. I used a Citation-X for this 465 nm loop on the Training Server because I prefer flights of 90 minutes or less. The flight views snowy mountains, dozens of glaciers and scenic lakes. Cruising altitude was 12000 ft and flight time was 86 min at 320 kts. If I had done the flight during the South American Summer the light might have been better.

#1. Preparing for takeoff from El Calafate (SAWC).

#2. Flying toward Upsula Glacier.

#3. The Citation-X flying past Viedma Glacier.

#4. Cabin view of a frozen waterfall.

#5. Wing view of O’Higgins Glacier.

#6. The Citation-X flying past Jorge Montt Glacier.

#7. The Citation-X flying over Brüggen Glacier.

#8. Flying toward Grey Glacier.

#9. Flying toward Perito Moreno Glacier.


I hope the passengers didn’t freeze 😂

But beautiful pictures


Amazing pictures 😉👍🏻

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Beautiful pictures! I’m doing the same FPL currently, very impressive views.

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