Glacier drowning in Fog


Today I do not have much for You to show, since I was busy helping with an event. I decided to lower the visibility in replay when I was flying over the Aletsch glacier. The nearest airport to it is LSPU. Time is set to 6:59 local time and visibility is 1km. The aircraft was a Cessna Citation X.

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If anyone’s an expert on this - what settings should I tweak to make this better? Also, do You know any other locations that look good in fog?

What? I did know you can put this setting in solo! Nice picture!

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Not only in Solo, but You can do this on a replay! You just need to be at the right altitude though!

Oh, that’s great to Hear!

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Great picture! The wing does not look like a CCX it looks like an MD-11. If I’m wrong sorry. But great pictures and peace out ✌️

Well You’re not wrong, it does resemble an MD-11, however I flew with a Citation X :)

Thanks for the feedback!!

Yeah of course! Peace out bro ✌️