GJT going International?!

So I found this really cool article online that, as my IFC name might imply I’d be hyped if it did happen. What I am talking about is the possibility of KGJT (Walker Fld/ Grand Junction Rgnl) becoming an INTERNATIONAL airport. If GJT went international it could be great for the tourist based economy of the Western Slope of Colorado. Currently GJT is a domestic regional airport with the following flights.

  • AAL: GJT-PHX (operated with a CRJ-700)
    • GJT-DFW (operated with a CRJ-700 or E175LR)
  • DAL: GJT-SLC (operated with a CRJ-200)
  • UAL: GJT-DEN (plane often varies, typically an E145XR)
    • GJT-ORD (Seasonal, operated with an E175LR)
  • AAY: GJT-LAS (operated with an A319/20)
    • GJT-LAX (Seasonal, operated with an A320)
    • GJT-AZA (operated with an A319/20)
  • FDX: GJT-MEM (operated with a 757F)
    • GJT-COS (operated with a 757F)
    • GJT-FAT (Seasonal? Operated with a 757F)
  • LYM: GJT-APA (operated with E120)
    • GJT-DEN (operated with a Metro Liner [this is a cargo flight]).

One of the main reasons GJT is considering going international is because of the services provided by their current Fixed Base Operator (FBO), West Star Aviation. West Star has a good sized maintenance facility in GJT that has many planes from all over North America and the world come to be serviced, however due to the fact that GJT isn’t international these planes have to clear customs at another airport. With the potential of becoming international, these flights would no longer have to add another stop to their flights. Of course there could also be the possibility of some Canadian or Mexican airlines adding GJT to their list of destinations too.

(Here is one of multiple articles about the potential of this project; https://www.gjep.org/general/grand-junction-international-airport-on-the-horizon/



Good luck to GJT though.


Yes it is only a potential thing 😥. But like the article said about West Star, that could be the driving factor.

I saw this already! How cool. A smaller regional airport changing to international. Would love to visit some day.

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Come visit us anytime. You’ll see how it puts Aspen, Eagle and Montrose to shame.


You got extra 💰 I can use?


Grand Junction International Airport

Let’s see what happens…this is interesting!

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Maybe Southwest would look into a flight from San Jose? The airport, even as is, would be fairly decent for them.

Would it be able to fill a 143 seat 737-700 though? I would expect United to launch SFO-GJT on a CR7 or CR2 before Southwest launches the Bay Area into GJT, but who knows.

Honestly, I would love SJC-GJT!
I really hope it becomes an option in the future

They probably could. Allegiant operates the A320 and A319 on their flights. For the GJT-SFO flight, they are actually trying to get that for summer 2020. It will be operated with an E175. Plus there is talk of United launching GJT-IAD in the near future because the national BLM headquarters was recently relocated to Grand Junction. This would probably end up being with a 737-700 or A319. And the demand is or more specifically was there for longer mainline flights.

I see it more likely that Alaska would serve that in a smaller e175

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That does seem more reasonable but we may never know.

Are you talking about international flights by airline? I won’t think that will happen for a long time. My home town of KMSO Missoula is international but doesn’t have any international commercial flights. Even KBZN which has more than twice the pax per year doesn’t have international flights. Closest place to have airline international flights is KSLC and KSEA. And then have upwards of 3 million passengers a year which is much more than any airport Montana and all in Colorado (besides DEN)

I’d be extremely surprised if we were to get commercial international flights in the near future, it definitely wouldn’t be a bad thing though, but the main reason it could become an Intl is because of the FBO, West Star’s maintenance station at GJT.

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That makes sense. I occasionally see a flight to or from Calgary or Vancouver and it’s always cool.

Nothing extremely far, we have only had three heavies here before, a chartered Qatar A340, Air Force one, and a secret service C-17 because of Air Force one.

He have UPS and FedEx heavies fly to Great falls and Billings, but that’s all.

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We dont get heavies very often but FedEx might switch the daily MEM-GJT 757 with a 767. Other than that we’ve gotten Air Force 1, C-17s, and a couple others as well as an unmarked, private 767

Well, it also depends on other factors such as tourism. At nearby KEGE, Air Canada had seasonal flights to Toronto which is an international flight. Even though that flight has been discontinued, it shows that the Colorado mountain market is open for such flights. It might be a while but personally think GJT has potential.

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I would assume that the market would really be for the ski season then, no? I would see the demand, as GJT is somewhat close to some ski resorts, but the other airports in the area (Montrose, Aspen, and Eagle) are receiving more ski traffic. Some people fly internationally into Denver and then connect to the smaller airports by either a short flight or a car ride.

I can see that GJT could be expanded to fit the demand, but the location of all the major ski resorts are nearly 2 hours away from there, approximately the same duration if you were to drive from Denver. I can’t see why this airport could be expanded, but the majority of the people will either fly direct or stop in Denver. You never know what could happen.


This is true, however most likely traffic based on tourist activities would probably focus more on the mountain biking side of things seeing as though Grand Junction and Fruita have some of the world’s top rated trails, plus it is only a 1-1.5hr drive to places in eastern Utah such as Moab.