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Hello! Last Week, I realized that Chile is an underrated country in Infinite Flight, it definitely needs some more love by fellow IF pilots. Its Beautiful Mountains and scenery are the reasons why we need to love Chile More. So today, I’m sharing a screenshot of an Aeromexico 777 flying above the city of Santiago.

Pic #1:
Route: SCEL (Santiago) - MMMX (Mexico City)
Aircraft: 777-200ER
Flight Time: 8 Hours 4 Minutes
Server: Expert Server

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Nice picture! As you can see from the IFVARB Reservations page, Aeromexico Virtual is on it’s way created by @ButterAllDay, you plan on joining?


Very nice photo! I agree, the scenery that surrounds Chile is amazing!

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Yep, the Andes are stunning in IF! Most of Central America and Mexico has very detailed and rugged scenery too!

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Yes sir! I believe we are almost approved, and I’m so excited to start up!


Nice, my VA is almost certified as well.