Giving Multiple Runway Options

So over time I’ve run into a few instances where something like the following occurs. I’d have a pilot cleared by Approach for a landing at (let’s pretend we’re at KLAX) 25R. As anyone who has run tower at KLAX for more than 5 minutes knows, 25R is the most common runway used for departures. If I were able to give an inbound pilot the option to land on 25L instead, without forcing him to commit, that would help keep traffic flowing.
I would like to see an option to say something like “NXXXXX, runway 25L preferred. Please change runway if able.” And have the pilot reply with “Wilco” or “Unable”.
There is the command “NXXXXX, runway 25L, cleared for the option.” but that’s intended for giving the option for landing or t&g.

Also, on an unrelated note, will there ever be any updates to ATC? I feel like IF’s in-depth player based ATC interaction is what sets it apart from other mobile flight sims. I also feel like the UI and other things for ATC could use some love.

Now i haven’t had a sub since the fall of 2020 but isn’t there a runway change option?

ATC UI gets updated with almost every major update. Recently, departure sequencing has been added, as well as the ability to disconnect a pilot without issuing a violation.

In answering your main question, approach and tower will always be using the same runways on the expert server. If approach clears you for a certain runway, it’s unlikely that tower will give you a switch. Sometimes IFATC needs to compromise a little realism for max efficiency. If you are on the training server, unfortunately nothing can be done because in all likelihood, approach is not communicating with tower.

The best is to make a feature request in the #features category if you have a suggestions. Make sure to check if such a feature got already requested before though.


Pilots can already request a specific runway and request a runway change. ATC can accommodate requests but we ultimately always will be the ones making the final decision.

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