Giving Credit where it's Due

I came into MIA today and was low on fuel.

Since joining IF, it was the first time I used the low fuel ATC communication.

I sorta expected to be rerouted to go find a different airport. But @Cooper expedited my landing at a busy airfield.

I believe in sharing positive IF experiences and this was definitely one.

Thank you for the awesome ATC @Cooper.

P.s My low fuel wasn’t due to bad planning but rather to the fact that I placed my self in a hold to go to the Supermarket with the wife and kid.


Glad you had a good experience!

Thanks to @Cooper and all the awesome IFATC volunteers 👏

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popular or?? lmao

It’s definitely a good thing that you had a better experience at KMIA, compared to others recently

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Lol… correct

Thanks so much for your kind words, I am happy I was able to help. I’m glad you had a great experience 😊


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