Giving Back | Thank You Infinite Flight Team

Hi, All -

I wanted to take a minute to take the spotlight off the product (21.1), and focus on the individuals that made this happen. We should appreciate the time, money, skill, and development put into this amazing and revolutionary update. I want all the staff to know, you are not forgotten in this amazing achievement and this could not have happened without you all.

What Makes IF Different:

1) Amazing flight simulator truly paying attention to every detail.
2) Amazing Staff team & amazing online forum.
3) Amazing VA community (I would not want to make a VA with any other flight sim) with a strong governing body (IFVARB).
4) Frequently updated blog and website to keep the community updated.

Thank you to all who made this update possible. Thank you.

Have a nice morning all on the East Coast.


Chief Executive Officer | Fly Global Virtual Airlines


(Forgot to mention all the Beta testers as well)


Thanks for highlighting this…sometimes we all get absorbed in the excitement and criticism of all that is wrong with the a new update and forget all the dedication and countless hours that developers put into it. They have accomplished a remarkable step…v21 is night and day from v20. With the promise of more to come we can only say a Big Thank You to them…and of course the testers, like me…Looking forward to v22…😋


Yeah I agree. We need to look more at the individuals that created what we have now - rather than just taking it for granted.

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I hope a lot of people see this message - and hopefully agree.

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Can’t wait as well!

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24 likes is amazing. Wow.

I was just thanking the staff I didn’t know it would go this far 😂.

Actually the gift to the developers is this…

Just flying. Flying across the world In Infinite Flight.

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Agreed. Flying itself is amazing haha.

Check out *TEN YEARS* of Infinite Flight | "What are you grateful for?" | Thread if you wanna suggest things that you are grateful for ;)

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