Given Runway to land (CAN NOW BE CLOSED :) )

Hey so say your in a Cessena Caravan landing at Denver intl 35R then literally as you turn onto long final, ATC announces runway change…but you only have enough fuel to get to that runway…then approach pops online and heads you away from airfield for 17L but your fuels low you pass over 26L and request it (1min fuel left about 39KGS) But act says no even if you checked and it was clear what happens then ? :( bc I crashed turning base 17L :(

U can say unable or give the call on emergency fuel, I am not 100% sure.
Maybe the experienced Pilots, can help you with this question.

Are there any airports around you that would be more suitable to land at? Also have you announced low fuel if you have the option to do so? Also not quite sure why they’d have you change runways when you are in final. Runway changes should be done gradually and not all at once. People on final should land on their assigned runway and people calling inbound should get the new runway.

It didn’t show

I tried to show I had low fuel by asking for 26

Ok in this case divert if there’s a more suitable airport near you. Your emergency takes priority. Announce VFR or flight following to a nearby airport that will serve as your diversion.

Looks like you haven’t been flying for at least an hour which is why it didn’t show up. Best advice is to load an extra 30 minutes of fuel just in case

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Ohhhh no one did nothing wrong I think it was my game then cuz that took me jus over an hr

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I was your controller, and we were already in a PM earlier regarding this. You had no emergency fuel request option because you may not have been flying for an hour, like others said. Please continue this in our PM.


Game confuses me sometimes 😂

Close the topic please :)

There are multiple other airports near DEN like front range and buckley AFB you can always divert to

I couldn’t thought I’d make it…anyway like toast said let’s jus let me and him discuss it :) it’ll be funny tbh watching the replay and I’ve spoke to him a few times so we’ll probably understand each other well :)

OP requested closure.