Given a violation for no reason

Not sure if this is the right topic, if so I do apologise.

But basically, I spawned in at Munich, requested PB and started it. Given instructions to PB and expect Runway 26R that’s it. So I’m starting up my engines, waiting for them to start so I can request pushback and there’s an aircraft coming towards me who was told to hold position and I was told to follow what ATC says or I’ll be reported. He didn’t give me anything else so I requested taxi and he told me to taxi to 26R so I started and then was told to do a 180 so I started doing so and I got a violation. I’m not sure whether this was fair or not…


Contact the controller directly or the appeals team if you wish to appeal the violation.


How am I doing that.

Could you clarify if you push backed when told so? It sounds a bit weird in terms of sequence of events.

The current controller is @Harsh_kumar / @Fedex with me on approach. Contact them directly and also including @ appeals if you would like to try to reverse the violation. Thanks!

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I requested pushback, and proceeded… I don’t know what I done wrong lol

By the way, you guys are certainly very busy. I can’t imagine how Kumar is managing right now! See you in an hour though - I’m flying inbound to Munich as well haha

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Well, in that case it sounds like everybody was confused in some level or another. It’s a FNF today so there’s a lot going on and a lot of work for IFATC.

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I do feel bad because he’s hella busy but I am very confused.

If this occurred between 1108z and now then your controller was @flybarroso however if it was between 9000z and 1108z then @Fedex was your controller.

To be sure, go to your grade table and press violation history and you’ll see the name of the controller who reported you.

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It happened 10 minutes ago

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Then contact @ flybarroso via pm. Don’t expect a reply straight away as he is still controlling.

You may contact @appeals to look into your violation and advise whether it can be removed from your records!

Heyo! Check your PM!

Please contact the controller or appeals