Give Way

I am so annoyed ii was taxing toparkingg and a plane just went into me and he was grade 4

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Just report him.

If you are taxiing, both of you have the responsibility to stop for eachother. There are rules for when you should stop for whom, but common sense says that if there’s an aircraft in front of you - stop. If this was on the advanced server the ATC should have handled it if ATC was present, if it was on playground, well… Don’t complain - PG isn’t as realistic as Advanced, you should expect peanuts and nimrods…



Which Server was this on?

Also, next time please Report the Pilot if needed.


I thought so too, but I was proven wrong yesterday again on EHAM. Told the leading aircraft to hold position and the aircraft behind just swung over to the next taxiway with 35kts. Everyone was racing to be first in line for TO. Very frustrating.


“Please do not cut in line”
“Hold position”
“Please follow instructions”

The atc told him to give way to me and he never so i pushed back for him

That’s a good thing to do :D He’s the stupid one then, not you


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