Give way to invisible aircraft.

So the other day I was requesting taxi to active runway and I was instructed to give way to traffic to my left. I changed my view and swiveled about so I could see said traffic and there was nothing there. I waited for a little while but I was never instructed to taxi. I could hear another engine but there was nothing around. I eventually started moving and was quickly scorned by ATC for not following directions, I’m assuming I moved out in front of this invisible plane. This prompts the question, might I have not been able to see an aircraft on the ATC playground because I keep the airplane count turned low? BTW I do this to avoid crashing my device. The airport was KSAN.

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It sometimes happens where a plane will not apear or say unknown. I would still wait for the ATC’s word to continue taxiing.

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That was my thinking exactly, but when I say I waited on the tarmac for a little while it was just shy of ten minutes with no comms. I guess I though he/she forgot about me.

That definitely has to do with your airplane count. I set it to low as well to avoid (well, at least reduce) lags in busy airspaces and I’ve held short of empty runways countless times.

Oh really? Okay so I’m not losing my mind. How about using the dots and airplane names? Do you still allow those and not lag out?

I have everything disabled.
Airplane dots & names, airport points, runway points, landing aid, airplane count low. HUD turned off the entire flight except for the approach.
Works quite fine.

how can you live with yourself without that disabled if that was me I be back at Grade 1

Not really sure what you’re getting at there. I still have dots and airplane names turned on, mainly for ATC traffic reasons.

Maybe that pilot was ghosted. I was ghosted for the rest of a session once, I could see every plane on the server, but I’ve heard you’re invisible to all other pilots to cancel your bad skills from the airport.

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