Give way to aircraft on your left/right/ahead

This always happens to me when an airport has two taxiways for takeoff. Ex: Right taxiway goes, then left, then right, etc. Take a look at this. I was originally behind the Scandinavian A320 then I let the China Eastern a350 go. When it was my turn, Cathay Pacific a350 with No flightplan filed collided with the plane in front just so he could go first. Take a look at the photos I new I saw coming:

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I wouldn’t even be surprised if this was expert, just genuinely i wouldn’t be. But, it happens. And new expert requirements are coming at some point, so there’s that too look forward too. If it’s training server or casual while this kind of behaviour is not surprising at. But just let the trolls, or “Noobs” Do their thing, and you be professional and wait…

That pilot is a grade 4🤦🏻‍♂️ I actually just all i can say is wow.

One more thing, it’s sad to see what expert has become. It’s slowly just becoming casual with ATC when at busy airports, and when at any airport for the most part. And i think, even with the new grade requirements that’ll come who knows when, it still won’t stop trolls or noobs, from actually learning how simple it is to be professional in this sim. It’ll just make them grind and get past the new requirements. And then continue their ways. But if you see this happening, don’t try and get the controllers attention, not when the airport is extremely busy, they’re one person handling a lot of traffic, if they catch it, they catch it, if not, then nothing much will or can be done…


Yeah, thats probably training server, so nothing you can d about that. :)

This was just now on expert server, I tried getting the ATC’s attention by saying “stand by” but there was nothing I could do. Just an awareness that people should learn this stuff

There will always be these people. If ATC isn’t there, nothing can really be done about it until they come back on. Not to mention, I would stay back an A320’s length out. You’re kinda getting caught up in the chaos.

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You’re right, I didn’t think that I was actually going to complete the flight, so I wanted to see how far things went. Right after this I cancelled.

I think there suppose to ghost people who cut in line…

Well, if you see the username Captain Joe… Good luck!

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TBH, I clicked on this topic to see a tutorial about filing a flight plan :).

Yeah usually the rule I follow is to use the closest taxiway to the runway for arrivals as they exit. The outside taxiway is where most departures should be, in my opinion. I always follow that rule, unless there’s one taxiway.

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Sorry about that, I didn’t know how else to word it. You can use the IF YouTube channel to figure how to file one :)

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Oh! No problem! I was pleasantly surprised!

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Filing a flight plan has nothing to do with learning how to taxi. But thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will talk to the controllers about these situations.