Give way to aircraft exiting runway...

while I was controlling in KONT recently I used this instruction a few times; I instructed a pilot to give way to an aircraft exiting a runway after landing.
The response I got puzzeld me. here is how it works currently (example with random callsign 2665AG):

Ground ATC: 2665AG give way to aircraft exiting runway 26R

Response: give way to aircraft exiting, 2665AG, aircraft exiting runway

Is it me, or does the response look/sound weird and a bit mixed-up?

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Beta testers are using the new version of IF including updated ATC commands, that’s why mainstream users have been hearing some unusual responses lately. Perhaps a beta tester was at your airport.

try it CJ, this has been standard response for a while. Its just how it works.
no beta stuff as far as I can see. It was me controlling, and I use the normal

It’s already on my list to fix and/or fixed. Just shoot me a message for stuff like this :) I can route it faster that way

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I meant maybe one of the pilots on your frequency was a beta tester. It’s just a possible reason

This has been a bug for a long time. As Tyler said, it will get fixed at some point!

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