Give Way Commands | Procedure and Reminders

Firstly, what is the purpose of a give way command?

A give way command is issued to an aircraft to provide safe separation on aircraft on the ground when taxing to or from the runway.

An example of when this is used is when two taxiways merge or two aircraft are taxing on parallel taxiways.

When a controller issues a give way command to you as you are taxing, it will be to give way to an aircraft either ahead, left, right or exiting a specific runway. When this command is issued slow down and yield to the other aircraft.

Once the aircraft that you are giving way to is clear you may then continue your taxi without any further permission required from ATC.

The reason why I decided to make this topic, is because when controlling on the Expert Server, I have seen numerous pilots react to the give way command as a hold position command, and they will not continue their taxi until instructed to do so.

This is incorrect procedure and you are free to continue your taxi once the aircraft that you have been instructed to give way to is clear.

Happy landings! :)


Thanks for the reminder! I hope people not so familiar with this command find it helpful as well :)

Hey what about pushback like if a controller catches a scene where the aircraft already cleared for push back has traffic on the move to its rear(last moment)? Now obviously the pushback would be stopped as it is the responsible thing to do but. …

As a controller, I usually wouldn’t issue a give way command for this Instead I would issue a hold position to the aircraft pushing back.

The only time I would issue a give way command in this scenario is if the aircraft that is going to taxi behind the aircraft pushing back, then if there is enough space you can issue a ‘give way to aircraft ahead’ command.

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Thank you :) . I admit I am a bit cautious on the expert server and I experienced this yesterday in Geneva. Once I got the continue taxi command, I knew I was ok, but… I’m still cautious sometimes :)


Ok yes that makes since. Especially just the command hold position. Hopefully I can catch that before sending pushback clearance.

There’s just one simple problem here. When airplanes crash into each other, IF will not show “Crash” or something like that. If this is added, then the give way command will be more useful.

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Would it then be a one by one take it in turns if there are more than one aircraft merging?

So if I was giving way am I to assume that after only one aircraft has merged I am safe to continue taxi and the other will wait for me without penalty?


It is up to controller discretion but most commonly it would be one merges and then the other one merges. This can change though in order to help the efficiency in taxing aircraft to and from the gate to the runway.

If you have received a ‘Give way to aircraft ahead’ command then you would be free to continue taxi after the aircraft has merged.

Just pay close attention to the instructions that IFATC issue you and keep some spacial awareness yourself.


Just going to give this a little bump/reminder for this topic, since it is FNF. I’ve instructed a few pilots to give way to a certain aircraft and they don’t continue taxing once their path is clear.


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