Give This Plane Some Love

Hello, IFC!

On a recent flight I took the spitfire and flew around KOSH, doing formation flights , buzzing the tower, etc.
(Thanks @MJP_27 , you’re amazing)

Here are the shots!

Aircraft: Spitfire
Location: KOSH
Server: Expert

777 Landing with some nice wake turbulence for me

Buzzing MJP

Formation flying with an Xcub

A beautiful air to air photo session with a brand new A330-900

As you can see, the spitfire is a very nice plane that can fly at any speed with precision manœuvres! I flew up to 330IAS to catch up with some aircraft and then slowed down to 80IAS with the XCub!

Thank you for reading!

See ya in the skies!



Definitely giving some love for the Spitfire! Amazing photos Robertine!

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Thank you very much Ryman!

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I just saw you flying around KOSH minutes ago, and you already have a topic out, nice shots! 😂