Give me good routes!

Currently, as of today, I really would like to perform a long haul. If anyone has any sort of suggestion on where to fly worldwide I’d definitely appreciate that.

Any aircraft, and any airline any place worldwide.

I’m pretty bored and just want some good spontaneous destinations, I basically want to kill time and just perform one.

Thanks Remark2002!

This thread should be ideal in your search.

Have you thought of joining a VA? I fly with a few and I can recommend BA VA and Aeroflot VA, one huge and one small but both with loads and loads of brilliant routes. You are also more likely to find people to fly with if you are in a VA. Check out the VA category where you can find listings of all the VAs on IF

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I’ll give u a good overnight

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I find myself linking this a lot. This is what I use and honestly it’s brilliant, use the random flight generator.


Same! It helps so much when I run out of flights to do but still want to fly! Highly recommend it!

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You should try this:

Dubai-Los Angeles
Emirates A380
I hope it works for you :)

My favorites are
lebl/lemd a320 Vueling / a321 iberia

lebl/gmmn 737-800 royal air maroc / a320 vueling

lebl/dxb a380 emirates

lemd/dxb a380 emirates

lemd/lax 787 norweigan / a330 delta / 777 unided or american airlines

lebl/egll a320 britsh a320 vueling

lebl/jfk 777 americanAirlines or delta

Hope this can help you

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My favorite would be Beijing to LAX.(Air China 787-9)

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Those aren’t bad routes actually, I will take those into consideration. Thanks!