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I know this started a long time ago and it’s 2022 but here are some cool shots…
The first one is MD-11F from ATL

Second one is Sunrise at Daytona w/ another south west to SFO

Third we have a fresh JetBlue A220 with a sunset tower view

Here we have an Air France A-350 Lax-LFPG

Fourth we have an A-220 at Gibraltar

Fifth we have A Delta B-757 ATL-JFK

And last but not least we have a C-130 from MacDill Airforce Base in Tampa FL- KEYW

Thanks and Enjoy!!


Moved your photos to a new topic. We don’t do photo threads anymore. Please review the #screenshots-and-videos guidelines by selecting the category and reviewing the “about” topic pinned at the top of the category.



No problem thank you so much!!

Uhhh, “3 pictures of 2022 so far” I could do better then that for sure. “Recent Photos of 2022”

uhhhh, may sound a little out of term but here’s another one. “3 months, 3 photos of 2022” Idk tbh lol.

Either way, Nice Pictures!

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Add them on to the topic!

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Will doo ok right now!

Nice shots!

Thank you so much Happy ST Pats☘️


These are my photos

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Yes happy st. Patricks day!

Great shots @ItsAL!!

This is one of my Photos


Nice shot @Maxford

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revives topic

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