Give me A Plane I’ll make an edit for it and I’ll tag you on whatever u want me to

Hello so to give me something to do I will take any airline and a aircraft and I will make a edit but please make sure to let me know what to contact you on if it’s email then please don’t send it to me but I will post it on Tik tok or something for you to see it


Southwest 737-800? I don’t know if this is what you mean.

American Airlines 738

Ok on it please let me know where I should post it

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On it buddy let me know where it should post it

Could you do it on the IFC?

I will try to if it doesn’t work what would you like

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I don’t have any other social media accounts

If you want to do you want to pm your email and I can get it to you

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Could you just Pm it to me

Yea for sure

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Ok do that

You can just ping me :)

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Ok will do

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American Airlines 777-200ER

American 777-300ER

On bro let me know what to send it on

On it let me know what to send it on

You can send it to me on Discord, but if not you can just send it here and tag me

Discord: Velocity#6996

Just put it in the thread