Give me a challenge

Give me a challenge to do in IF

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Fly from NY to London in a Cessna 172.


Fly in a straight line until you return where you started using any plane you want

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Land at TNCS in a A380

TNCS-VQPR 737BBJ this takeoff is possible out of TNCS with wind and pushing back as far as you can ok the runway… it may take several attempts recommend free flight take off practice… once you take off it’s a challenge bc of fuel but I wanna try it and I think it’s possible… best of luck if you attempt do it on casual tho bc of restoration at TNCS

Fly to only non 3D airports for the next week

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Please use this topic:

Only fly GA aircraft for the next week!

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Attempt to land the F18 at EGLL at 300 knots

I challenge you to not post a topic like this :) Quality > Quantity