Give me a challenge and ill do it!

Hey guys i am looking for a challenge in infinite flight . It can be anything from a challenging flight i need to put my brain through or maybe something with a period of time . You guys can choose . I hope i can get some suggestions and i’ll pick one !


Fly from KVGT in a 172, and do patterns


Completely handfly a flight longer than 1:30hrs


Handfly the worlds longest flight (you won’t👀)


Fly the A350 with max fuel no pax and cargo at fl290 or Fl280 until you runout of fuel


Win the next Whacky Racing event.


Haha easy, I didn’t know there was an autopilot when I first started IF. Got from LA to Manhattan KS in a JetBlue 321.

Hand-fly a MD-11 from Los Angeles to Sydney

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Try landing an F22 on KAVX. It’s a bit of a challenge


Taxi through as many people as you can before getting reported

On behalf of IFATC, please don’t


Do the thing that I did:

Literally fly an XCub from JFK to Sydney in approx 2 hours

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If you’re looking for a more serious challenge for a longer period of time, try what I’m up to.

My goal is to fly to every commercial airport (where IF allows and realistically possible) globally. It’s actually pretty fun and gets you out and exploring.

You’ll undoubtedly have to drop the regular joys of ATC, but can have some fun benefits to what and where you can find in the world. I’ve done almost all of Europe excluding Scandinavia so far!

I fly in order by country, so will generally spend a day to a couple weeks flying into in a single country. Can be a little repetitive depending on the country size and variety of airlines+routes they use, but also can be really satisfying going somewhere new!


how in 2 hours?

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I think it is Sydney in Nova Scotia Canada

ohhh i thought Sydney, Australia and i was like, hold up

There’s a way 😏

But actually I did it. There’s a way to do it but if you want it to be a true challenge, I won’t tell you how. If you want to know how though, I’ll show you a pic.

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show me please!

I won’t say any words; you figure it out 👌


ohhh outer space? XD

I don’t really have anything. Maybe takeoff from the highest airport and land at the lowest airport? (In terms of elevation height)

to do 50 patterns at EGLL in one flying session lol