Give IFATC the ability to add controller positions

Many airports we control at could benefit from having multiple frequencies of the same type open to handle unexpected traffic surges. At the present time, that can only be done at the application level.

Here’s the feature request…,
Allow the ATIS controller to add additional frequencies for ground, tower and approach as needed. That ATIS info would flow to the server where other controllers would then see those frequencies available.

This would take the burden off the developers to add these frequencies for special events.


IFATC Officers and Supervisor (The ones who can open Approach and Departure for all you who dont know) Could really use help.

I’ll make room for a Vote in a bit, nice request! :)



I’d find this extremely useful. Given that IFATC are considered to be ‘trusted’ on a certain level, I doubt this would be abused. I see only positives that this could provide.

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Love this, voted! That said, having spent time with the the airport data, I fear this isn’t easy. Hopefully that’s not the case.

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