Give HKJK and HDAM some love

Hey everyone,

I’m currently over Eastern Ethiopia at FL430 flying a QR 787-8 to HKJK. Not far behind is another 787 flying to HKJK at FL380. According to the schedule HKJK and HDAM are also on the schedule. Looking at LiveFlight, there are very few aircraft heading to HKJK or HDAM while the airspace around Doha is heavily conjested. There is a lot of beautiful scenery also at HKJK and HDAM and HKJK provides challenging high altitude conditions for flying. Let’s spread out guys.



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You can create Flyout event from these airports to make it a bit more popular at least for 1 day.
Here is an example: (46 Attending) The Los Angeles Flyout @ KLAX - 091700ZDEC18

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The purpose of this post is not to make an event or anything rather to encourage pilots to explore other airports other than OTHH as HKJK is also in the schedule today.


I think this post is fine… Stay tuned as I may or may not be opening HKJK later… 👀

I flew out of HKJK before and it was an amazing I loved the scenery . We should spread love most people though just go to airports that IFATC are at so hopefully some of them see this and hopefully control these airports


I think the pattern in general is that people don’t like to fly to less busy airports, resulting in ATC not wanting to control there (not wanting to risk not getting any traffic). This again discourages pilots from flying there.

I honestly hope this sometimes changes because the smaller regions are often the more interesting ones to fly to 🤞🏼


Agreed. And when Tyler tries to purely feature smaller, even class charlie airports less people show up. It’s an unfortunate cycle that we’re stuck in, where if there’s a large airport in the schedule, everyone will fly there, and if there are no large airports, a lot less people fly…


Beautiful scenery and HKJK is an awesome airport to control, layout and camera positions make it a joy to control

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I definitely agree. Anyway, It was nice of you to offer ATC services there earlier on 🙂

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I’m actually going to fly to Nairobi this weekend from Heathrow Kenya airways looking forward to fly there

I think I saw a few noobs there doing patterns earlier. Looks like they have answered your calls!!

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