GitHub WayPoint Directory Not Matching Infinite Flight Global


I already asked my question over other seemingly related topics like Airport Editing but nobody replied, so I thought the title of those topics might be the reason. By the way, this is not about [WayPoints-Not-Appearing], so please take a minute before referencing to other seemingly related topics!

I am developing an access free code for Infinite Pilots to easily integrate their SimBrief FPLs into Infinite Flight but a rather large discrepancy between the present waypoints in IF and the coordinates reported for them in the GitHub resource is making it impossible to further the progress of the code. Would you please look into it whether the version in GitHub is old or whether there is a formula or other workarounds to the issue?

I got this link ( from a member for the waypoint directory used in IF, but when I checked a random waypoint, I found a quite large discrepancy for my purpose. Please check the attached images for more explanation, and let me know of your helpful suggestions.
Many thanks in advance…

Here are the coordinates just for One Example if you want to check for yourself:

ZBBA 4020N/11656E 4012N/11633E LG351

Definitions (respectively):
ZBBA: nearby airport

4020N/11656E: assigned coords in GitHub :: Navigation/master/dat/fix.dat

4012N/11633: try-and-error-found coordinate best representing the target waypoint (manual inputs)

LG351: Target Waypoint (name and coordinate listed in GitHub but when inserted in IF it points at a different location, however in the region yet too far away to be relied upon)


I’m not extremely familiar with the navigation database in itself, but I do know that the nav db is not streamed into IF. The fix could have been updated in the database without actually reflecting in Infinite Flight. Is this the case with every waypoint?

Edit: I may be wrong, it appears the master .dat file was last updated 2 months ago.

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Almost any points I check gives me a distance of about 20-40 miles from the desired waypoint. Right now I got a difference of 44.8 nm for IKLAX waypoint from where the GitHub points me to and where IF picks for the waypoint name.

I think you may be using the wrong coordinate format. Ensure you are using “DDMM[N/S]/DDDMM[E/W]”. (Degrees and Minutes) See attached image for clarification:

Related topic:

In short: Use Degrees Minutes and not Decimal degrees.


I just made the changes for the coordinates of IKLAX and I still get 20 nm of difference from another direction. See the calculations below.07 PM

Marvelous, thanks for the helpful comment and useful link. I did a gaffe in the calculations above. Correct ones here , and now I get less than 0.5 nm of difference. MaNy ThAnKs!

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FYI, since the IF flightplan supports a minimum resolution of 1min, ± .5 is the best you can get. 1min is roughly 1mi.

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GitHub version is not old, it’s where infinite Flight TAKES the data from. This probably a placing error where they ignore after X decimals and the waypoint ends up in a different location. Navigation is a mess rn. I’ll tag the ones who work on this from the FDS team. Maybe they can help.

LG351 - some waypoints’ are not accurate or upto date. This is a known discrepancy

@Cameron @ValXp

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@Ksisky Is absolutely right, the format used to manually input coordinates is in Degrees Minutes and not Degrees Decimals.

There is no issues with the fixes database itself, it’s just the way the coordinates are interpreted when inputted manually.


Hi, I actually got my answer by @Ksisky at GitHub WayPoint Directory Not Matching Infinite Flight Global, and now it works. There are however differences still happening rarely here and there between IF and SkyVector/SimBrief, but that is because the new AIRAC cycles change some waypoints location while keeping their name. But in terms of a match between GitHub Directory and IF, it works perfect now.

I am now looking for the VOR directory and someone suggested the following link but it seems to be the Airport ILS approaches to me. Does anyone know if there are VOR at specific sections of this file or should I use a different file from GitHub altogether?

This is what I was referred to at first:

The top contains VOR info (outdated as well) and the bottom/rest is ILS info. The link is correct. 🙂

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Thanks for clarification, but what did you mean by saying “outdated”? Is this an old version like IF is using a more updated version now?

Outdated as in outdated with latest AIRAC cycles

Uh I see. Yes, of course. Thanks!