Github and Editing Airports

Hey y’all,

Just a quick question about GitHub and the IF Airport Editing software requirements – I’d love to start editing airports and make some contribution to Global, but I lack trust in software requirements. Do all of you consider GitHub to be a safe platform? Does it cost money? I looked over the airport editing process, and it looks fine, but can a person trust all of the platforms with personal information? I’m just really paranoid…


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GitHub is a trustworthy software and is free. No need to worry about privacy either. All your personal and private information is safe. :)


Send an email to get more information.


Works fine on Mac.

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Thanks a lot! I’ll be sure to shoot them an email either later today or tomorrow.

As @CptNathanHope said, GitHub is free and completely protects your personal information, and the software itself is 100% safe to use.