Gilgit region waypoints

Do these not exist or are they just not on IF? Any way of aiding flight in this mountainous region?

Gilgit? What’s gilgit?

Edit: It’s in Pakistan - but I have a strange feeling that waypoints don’t exist there -

I would be surprised if we didn’t have waypoints for a region as large as that if it does have waypoints.

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Confirmed: According to there are no aeronautical waypoints in this region.

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Below I took a screenshot of what the route should look like when landing on Runway 25
After you go past Nanga Parbat (see image) you want to desend your altitutde to 8000 to 7000 and slowly decrease altitude and navigate through the valley.

Additionall, researching airport charts and using google maps and watching youtube videos of pilots landing in airports of your choice particularly in mountainous regions can be extreamly useful because of the lack of waypoints.


Is this a visual or a RNAV approach (a visual might have no waypoints associated)?

Thanks for checking

Thanks that’s very helpful.

In reality what tools would the pilots be using to navigate through the valley if there’s no waypoints?

There was talk of the airport being updated with ILS but don’t think it’s been put in place yet.

visual approach only.

Then it’s well possible that there aren’t any waypoints for the approach (which matches @BennyBoy‘s findings above).

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There is one waypoint called BUNGI you can use that as a guide. When you get closer to that waypoint you would want to change your heading so you can enter the valley.

@n587kk pm me if you want if you want a group flight I have done this route back in August and it both fun and challenging,


BUNGI is in IF as is another one in the region (DELDA).

Not sure what exactly the OP is referring to, as it seems that the approach doesn’t have any associated waypoints (see above).

Nonetheless if there are any open questions feel free to ask.
@AirSerene thanks for providing the waypoint name for reference.

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The TIPOM waypoint doesn’t seem to exist in IF? Seems theres only a few waypoints that exist in the northern Pakistan region but hardly any are in IF?

that is the area that Navigraph has, I don’t see TIPOM in the area. There are no charts associated with the airport.

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TIPOM is in another area of northern pakistan, around abbottabad. Doesn’t show up when typed into IF.

When I type TIPOM into the search bar, nothing comes up under waypoint search. - the tipom waypoint is mentioned within this atc recording also, so im sure it exists in real life, just not on IF like a number that are in the northern pakistan region.

What I think is going on is TIPOM has been renamed as KASMA
Note that KASMA and TIPOM have the same Lat Long.

Kasma tipom


KASMA doesn’t come up when searched on the net which is interesting.

Navigraph doesn’t show when the way point was updated. The falling rain website you referenced copyright ended in 2010, might be 9 years old information.

Would it not come up even in a google search?