Gigantic Realistic Dubai Flyout Fill Up Over 170 Gates With Several Airlines @OMDB [IFATC might be included] - 011700ZSEP19

Dubai International Airport Flyout

Event Information

Server : Expert
Airport : OMDB
Time and Date : 2019-09-01T17:00:00Z2019-09-01T18:30:00Z
Notams :
▪ Spawn in 5 minutes before the event starts
▪ Respect Unicom if there’s no ATC available
▪ Reply below with your prefered Airline and Destination and I will give you a gate
▪ If you have a desired destination and Airline that is not mentioned below simply reply and let me know and I will give you an extra gate :)
IFATC might be included

Why Dubai?

Dubai International Airport logo.png250x90

I chose Dubai because it is one of my favourite Airports in the world and It is one of the busiest and most Popular Airports in the world so lets turn this event into a reality with a massive and exciting flyout from Dubai. With over 150 commercial gates and over 20 cargo gates fill up this amazing airport with most of the real word callsign/route options from dubai across the world. Do not forget take some pictures at the airport and send them to me @Captainshayan to be featured on the forum.

Charts , Airport Diagram , SIDs , Stars and Plates Link

Jeppesen Charts

Note that most of these callsigns are used in the real world


Terminal 1 (International Airlines)
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Callsign User
C48 Air India B777-2LR VABB Air india 984
C49 China Airlines A330-3 ZBAA Dynasty 942
C50 PIA 777-2LR OPLA Pakistan 204
C51 Turkish Airlines 777-3ER LTFM Turkish 761
C52 Singapore Airlines 777-3ER WSSS Singapore 493
C53 Air New Zealand 787-9 NZAA New Zealand 269
C54 Japan Airlines 777-2ER RJAA JAL 5096
C55 Korean Air A330-3 RKSI Korean 591 @jonspacepilot
C56 Cathay Pacific B777-3ER VHHH Cathay 746 @andrew1
C57 Air France 787-10 LFPG Air France 655
C58 Air New Zealand (all black) 777-3ER NZAA New Zealand 837 @Josamacs
C59 Singapore Airlines A380 WSSS Singapore 495
C60 Air France - Sky Team 777-3ER LFPG Sky Team 775
C61 Singapore Airlines 787-10 WSSS Singapore 498
C62 Air New Zealand (all black) 777-3ER NZAA New Zealand 837
C63 Air France 777-2ER LFPG Air France 657
C64 Saudi Airlines 787-9 OJEN Saudi 589 @MrFriday
F01 Japan Airlines 787-9 RJTT japan 787
G1 Thai Airways A340-3 VTBS Thai 518
G2 KLM 777-3ER Orange EHAM KLM 426 @Naz
G4 South African Airways A340-3 FAOR Springbok 7161
G5 Lufthansa A340-3 EDDF Lufthansa 631
G6 Virgin Australia 777-3ER YBBN Velocity 279
G7 British Airways 777-2ER EGLL SpeedBird 107
G8 Iran Air 747-2 OISS Iran air 657
G9 Delta Airlines 777-3ER KATL Delta 539
G10 American Airlines 777-3ER KJFK American 492 @Maxime_Jarjoura
G11 South African Airways A340-3 FACT Springbok 7155
G12 Virgin Atlantic 787-9 EGKK Virgin 103
G13 Aeroflot 777-3ER UUEE Aeroflot 525
G14 British Airways A380 EGLL SpeedBird 104 @zackarie_williams
G15 Lufthansa 747-8 EDDL Lufthansa 955
G16 Air Canada 787-9 CYYZ Air Canada 57 @ThomasThePro (standby)
G17 American Airlines 787-9 KLAX American 583 @Aiden_Morales
G18 Lufthansa A380 EDDM Lufthansa 829
G19 British Airways 787-9 EGLL SpeedBird 106
G20 Air Canada 787-9 CYVR Air Canada 132 @Capt_Sotto
G21 KLM 787-9 EHAM KLM 428 @PilotTom25
H1 Air India A321 VABB Air india 912 @DhruvC
H2 EL AL 737-8 LLBG EL AL 485 @HappySpartanJay
Terminal 2 (FlyDubai)
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Callsign User
E1 Fly Dubai 737-8 OOMS Fly Dubai 45
E2 Fly Dubai 737-8 OERK Fly Dubai 843
E3 Fly Dubai 737-8 OEJN Fly Dubai 831
E4 Fly Dubai 737-8 OKBK Fly Dubai 51 @EJ1
E5 Fly Dubai 737-8 OISS Fly Dubai 271
E6 Fly Dubai 737-8 OLBA Fly Dubai 157
E7 Fly Dubai 737-8 HEBA Fly Dubai 171
E8 Fly Dubai 737-8 VABB Fly Dubai 445
E9 Fly Dubai 737-8 OPKC Fly Dubai 331
E10 Fly Dubai 737-8 VIDP Fly Dubai 431
E11 Fly Dubai 737-8 LTFJ Fly Dubai 751
E12 Fly Dubai 737-8 LIRN Fly Dubai 1681 @Bld003
E13 Fly Dubai 737-8 LROP Fly Dubai 1797
E14 Fly Dubai 737-8 UDYZ Fly Dubai 717
E15 Fly Dubai 737-8 UTTT Fly Dubai 1941
E16 Fly Dubai 737-8 OIIE Fly Dubai 400
E17 Fly Dubai 737-8 UTDD Fly Dubai 777
E18 Fly Dubai 737-8 VCBI Fly Dubai 557
E19 Fly Dubai 737-8 OJAI Fly Dubai 143
E20 Fly Dubai 737-8 UCFM Fly Dubai 1759
E21 Fly Dubai 737-8 VGEG Fly Dubai 589
E22 Fly Dubai 737-8 VNKT Fly Dubai 575
E23 Fly Dubai 737-8 HSSS Fly Dubai 633
E24 Fly Dubai 737-8 HSSJ Fly Dubai 611
E25 Fly Dubai 737-8 OPQT Fly Dubai 341
E26 Fly Dubai 737-8 OEMA Fly Dubai 893
E27 Fly Dubai 737-8 LYBE Fly Dubai 987
E28 Fly Dubai 737-8 UKOO Fly Dubai 723 @LordDanz (standby)
E29 Fly Dubai 737-8 LICC Fly Dubai 1767
E30 Fly Dubai 737-8 VOCL Fly Dubai 500
E31 Fly Dubai 737-8 VOCI Fly Dubai 441
E32 Fly Dubai 737-8 UACC Fly Dubai 705
E33 Fly Dubai 737-8 VILK Fly Dubai 5433
E34 Fly Dubai 737-8 VAAH Fly Dubai 437
E35 Fly Dubai 737-8 LDDU Fly Dubai 719
E36 Fly Dubai 737-8 LQSA Fly Dubai 761
E37 Fly Dubai 737-8 LKPR Fly Dubai 1781 @TCHeincy
E38 Fly Dubai 737-8 HAAB Fly Dubai 647
E39 Fly Dubai 737-8 ORBI Fly Dubai 215
Terminal 3 (Emirates & Qantas)
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Callsign User
A1 Emirates A380 ZSPD Emirates 302 @Planeboi19
A2 Emirates A380 KLAX Emirates 215 @Infinite_Qantas
A3 Emirates A380 KSFO Emirates 225 @Nils_Esser
A4 Emirates A380 KIAD Emirates 231 @United2
A5 Emirates A380 YBBN Emirates 430
A6 Emirates A380 FAOR Emirates 761
A7 Emirates A380 LFPG Emirates 71
A8 Emirates A380 EGCC Emirates 21
A9 Emirates A380 KJFK Emirates 203 @United_1154
A10 Emirates A380 LKPR Emirates 139 @TOPGUNSVK
D1 Emirates A380 EGLL Emirates 7 @Harry14
D2 Emirates A380 YMML Emirates 408
D3 Emirates A380 RJTT Emirates 318
D4 Emirates A380 KLAX Emirates 216
D5 Emirates A380 VHHH Emirates 382
D6 Emirates A380 CYYZ Emirates 241
D7 Emirates A380 RKSI Emirates 322
D8 Emirates A380 ZBAA Emirates 306
D9 Emirates A380 LSZH Emirates 85
F3 Emirates 777-3ER VABB Emirates 500
F4 Emirates 777-3ER EDDF Emirates 43 @AarkonTV
F5 Emirates 777-3ER FACT Emirates 772
F6 Emirates 777-3ER OKBK Emirates 853
F7 Emirates 777-3ER OERK Emirates 815
F8 Emirates 777-3ER OEJN Emirates 801
F9 Emirates 777-3ER ESSA Emirates 157
F10 Emirates 777-2LR OOMS Emirates 866
F11 Emirates 777-3ER WSSS Emirates 404 @Austin.cawley
F12 Emirates 777-3ER VIDP Emirates 501
F13 Emirates 777-2LR OIIE Emirates 977
F14 Emirates 777-3ER EDDM Emirates 53
F16 Emirates 777-3ER UUEE Emirates 133
F17 Emirates 777-3ER EKCH Emirates 151 @sehevu
F18 Emirates 777-3ER EGNT Emirates 35 @Petraluke
F19 Emirates 777-3ER KDFW Emirates 221 @Chindle_1204
F20 Emirates 777-3ER KDFW Emirates 222 @SimpleWaffles
F21 Emirates 777-3ER OPKC Emirates 604
F22 Emirates 777-3ER EHAM Emirates 145 @Ajith_Anand
F23 Emirates A380 YSSY Emirates 414 @Captainshayan
F24 Emirates 777-3ER LIMC Emirates 101
F25 Emirates 777-3ER KSEA Emirates 229 @Zak_Plant
F26 Qantas A380 YSSY Qantas 8414
F27 Qantas A380 EGLL Qantas 8005
B7 Emirates A380 NZAA Emirates 448 @twig
B8 Emirates 777-3ER KFLL Emirates 213 @FlyAndCrash
B9 Emirates A380 KORD Emirates 235 @EK_Tam
B10 Emirates 777-3ER LIRF Emirates 99
B11 Emirates 777-3ER ENGM Emirates 159
B12 Emirates A380 RJBB Emirates 316
B13 Emirates A380 LEMD Emirates 141
B14 Emirates 777-3ER HECA Emirates 927
B15 Emirates 777-3ER HSSS Emirates 2173
B16 Emirates 777-3ER HAAB Emirates 723
B17 Emirates 777-2LR VOCI Emirates 530 @Captain_Dreamliner
B18 Emirates A380 LEBL Emirates 187 @Anze.S123
B19 Emirates 777-3ER EDDL Emirates 55
B20 Emirates 777-3ER LSGG Emirates 89
B21 Emirates A380 LPPT Emirates 191
B22 Emirates 777-3ER EIDW Emirates 163 @Ben_Murtagh1
B23 Emirates 777-3ER EDDH Emirates 59 @NJ24
B24 Emirates A380 EGLL Emirates 1 @Ioan_Glyn-Jones
B25 Emirates A380 EGKK Emirates 15 @Adam_Goodman
B26 Qantas A380 WSSS Qantas 8354
B27 Qantas A380 YPPH Qantas 8420
Cargo (Emirates and Others)
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Callsign User
C47 Southern Air DHL 777-2F EDDK DHL 7 @anon82774985 (Standby)
C46 Turkish Cargo A330-2F ZSPD Turkish 23
C45 Korean Air Cargo 777-2F RKSI Korean Air Cargo 38
C44 Lufthansa Cargo 777-2F EDDF Lufthansa Cargo 735 @Dylan_M
C43 Air France Cargo 777-2F LFPG Air France 148
C42 UPS Cargo A330-2F KATL UPS 857
C41 FedEx 777-2F KMEM FedEx 2 @Delta07
C36 Emirates Sky Cargo 777-2F ZSPD Emirates Cargo 202 @BennyBoy_Alpha
C35 Emirates Sky Cargo 777-2F EDDM Emirates Cargo 420
C34 Emirates Sky Cargo 777-2F LFPG Emirates Cargo 38
C33 Emirates Sky Cargo 777-2F EGLL Emirates Cargo 94
C32 Emirates Sky Cargo 777-2F LSZH Emirates Cargo 8029
C31 Emirates Sky Cargo 777-2F YSSY Emirates Cargo 392 @Boris_Huang
C30 Emirates Sky Cargo 777-2F VIDP Emirates Cargo 768
C29 Emirates Sky Cargo 777-2F RKSI Emirates Cargo 207
C28 Emirates Sky Cargo 777-2F RJAA Emirates Cargo 159
C27 Emirates Sky Cargo 777-2F KJFK Emirates Cargo 695
C26 Emirates Sky Cargo 777-2F KLAX Emirates Cargo 956
C25 Emirates Sky Cargo 777-2F EHAM Emirates Cargo 802
C24 Emirates Sky Cargo 777-2F LEMD Emirates Cargo 357
C23 FedEx MD-11F HDAM FedEx 925
C22 FedEx MD-11F LTAI FedEx 123
C21 FedEx MD-11F VIDP FedEx 7009
C20 FedEx DC-10F OERK FedEx 239
C19 FedEx DC-10F LTFM FedEx 474
C18 FedEx DC-10F VABB FedEx 291

More information about Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport logo.png250x90
Dubai Airport overview.jpg250x118

Dubai International Airport , OMDB is the primary international airport Dubai United Arab Emirates and is the world’s busiest airport by international passenger traffic It is also the third-busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic the sixth-busiest cargo airport in world the busiest airport for Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 movements, and the airport with the highest average number of passengers per flight. In 2017, DXB handled 88 million passengers, 2.65 million tonnes of cargo and registered 409,493 aircraft movements.

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Can I have Gate A2 to KLAX with Emirates 380?

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Sure , Gate A2 is yours now.

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Thanks mate :)

A2 is Emirates 215 to KLAX its a really world callsign

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Okay, can’t wait till the event :D

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But change the aircraft to the 777-300ER, destination LFPG and call sign to Emirates 094.

If not.

But change aircraft to 777-300ER and call sign to Emirates 094.

You want a 777 to LFPG?

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Yes but if I could change the gate.

where do you want it

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Gate A1 please

A1 is for the A380 though

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But I’m not the best with the A380, if it’s fine with you sorry if I sound greedy but change the call sign to Emirates 094.

Cant do that because its a realistic event so the callsign needs to be realistic


Roger that mate, I hope I respond to calls from ATC.

IFATC :) lol

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I’m sorry, but I cannot attend; I wish I could!

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why cant you?

Rip, Maybe next time then


dont worry its a month away and i asked for IFATC