Gifting Live

Strange topic I know,

But I’d love to be able to gift live subscriptions to some of my close friends. Right now you have to be fully signed in to renew a live subscription.

I wish there was an implementation where just entering a users email enables you to gift them a subscription.


Definitely something we need @ChiefPilotLachy!

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Can’t you gift people money through iTunes? (If you have iOS)


Yes you can email them a gift card to use. I pretty sure you can do specific amounts.

Not if they are in a different country
I’ve tried before

@Kyle.Plane @Riley_Dunshea

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I think it’s $10, $25, $50 then $100. My mum gifted me a 50 and 10, because I wasn’t able to pay with just 50 because there’s tax.

iOS has country restrictions Kyle. Trust me. I’ve tried and so has @ChiefPilotLachy

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Sounds like a good idea. :)


You betcha Kenny ;)

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Maybe move this to #features

That also sounds like a good idea. ;P


Very good idea.

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