Gifting IF Pro, on iOS

Hi, Community…

Before starting, I know that there are other small threads about the topic of infinite flight gifting, but, these have not been complex enough/don’t deal quite with my topic. So lets start!

I really have been wanting to gift some of my friends IF pro. But it is just sincerely way too dull of a gift to give them the money straight up. So, I was just wondering if there are ways to give them this excellent sim.

Any input would be greatly appreciated…


My best guess would be to have them come over to your house, pay for it, and then I you give them the money back? My other solution would be an iTunes/Google Play gift card.

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Okay… Thanks for your response!

With a gift card, how would the process work like?

(Btw I know I sound a little incompetent but I have never used a gift card before :)

Go to your local Walgreens or GameStop or any store that sells gift cards, buy the gift card for the platform they use, (I.e. Apple Gift card), then give it to them

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You would then redeem the gift card in their respective app store (Appstore or Google Play Store). Once the card is redeemed, the money will be in their account, and they can then purchase IF Pro.

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You can even from the App Store just gift them the money and it will add the credit to their account once they redeem the virtual card. If you don’t want to go through all the hassle of going and buying a physical card.


Thanks for your tips!

Will certainly do!

Oops didn’t read the whole thing…

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